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Uniform Order Time

Ordering store is now open until Aug 16th!!!! Please order uniform, away and home asap. If you are new to united and do not have a jersey number please contact Ashley at and she will provide a jersey number!! Link to store below.




Not sure what to do with old uniforms?

If your child has outgrown their uniform and it is still in good condition, please consider donating it back to the club. We keep a small inventory of loaner uniforms that come in handy when an order is delayed or a kid needs to borrow a uniform for the season. You can bring old uniforms to your child's coach and let them know you are donating it to the club.

Join the WWUSC Board!

We have several roles on the WWUSC coming open this summer.  Below are job descriptions and estimates of time required.  The board generally meets about eight times a year. If you are interested or have any questions about a position please email President Doug Hayes (

  • Vice President – The VP is a voting member of the board and can run meetings if the president is not available.  Time commitment is about 1 hour/month
  • Secretary – The secretary is a voting member of the board and keeps minutes of each meeting.  Time commitment is about 1-2 hours/month.